Elise Peterson - Speaker for the In Good Company Conference will offer her insights on women's success in business and leadership

Elise Peterson

Fine Artist + Author


Elise R. Peterson is a New York-based visual artist, writer, podcaster, and host of MANE, an online video series highlighting the intersection of hair and culture as told through the narratives of women via Now This News. Alongside designer Lizzy Okpo, Elise is the founder and co-host of the brand-new Cool Moms podcast. Upon becoming new mothers, Elise and Lizzy understood the importance of building a community of fellow mothers, but also wanted to connect with women who shared the same fervor for their professional and creative ambitions. A mother to 9-month-old Sargent, Elise is also the author of How Mamas Love Their Babies, the first children’s book to highlight a sex worker parent.