2018 Speakers

2018 Speakers

Mara Hoffman - Speaker for the In Good Company Conference to talk about opportunities for professional women - 2018 Speakers

Mara Hoffman

Fashion Designer
Justina Blakeney offers her expertise in the GC conference in the topic of the art of negotiation and being a woman entrepreneur

Justina Blakeney

The Jungalow
Jeni Britton Bauer - Speaker of the In Good Company Fall Conference will serve as an example of how women lead

Jeni Britton

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams
Elise Peterson - Speaker for the In Good Company Conference will offer her insights on women's success in business and leadership

Elise Peterson

Fine Artist + Author
Bee Shapiro - In Good Company speaker will talk about women's success and self-care

Bee Shapiro

The New York Times + Ellis Brooklyn
Ariane Goldman - Speaker for the In Good Company conference one of the best women networking events in california

Ariane Goldman

HATCH Collection
Lisa Price as speaker for female business leaders for the In Good Company 2018 conference

Lisa Price

Carol’s Daughter
Minya Oh - Speaker in motherhood conference In Good Company

Minya Oh

Journalist + Host
Anna Brockaway talks about woman-owned businesses in the In Good Company leaders conference

Anna Brockway

A-lan Holt - Speaker for the in Good Company Conference one of the most important business events in California

A-lan Holt

Stanford University
Erika Hayasaki will serve as speaker for the In Good Company Conference taking place just by the San Francisco Bay as one of the lead women conferences

Erika Hayasaki

Journalist + Author + Professor
Jodie Patterson attending the Motherhood and women conference to talk about equality as a reality and the maternal wall in the workplace

Jodie Patterson

Doobop + Georgia by Jodie Patterson

More to come!