2017 Speakers

2017 Speakers

Clare Vivier - Speaker for the In Good Company Women's Conference and amazing training program to assure your company is being fair to women

Clare Vivier

Joy Cho - Speaker for the women in business conference 2017, In Good Company

Joy Cho

Amanda Chantal Bacon - Speaker for the IGC conference for women in leadership and business conference

Amanda Bacon

First time mom Elle Rowley

Elle Rowley

Alexandra Elle - Girlboss and empowering speaker for the In Good Company Conference series

Alexandra Elle

Bob Bland - Speaker for the In Good Company Conference which will cover professional development

Bob Bland

Laura Miller - Speaker for IGC women's and mom conference

Laura Miller

Jodie Patterson - 2017 In Good Company Speaker setting an example for working moms

Jodie Patterson

Liz Prueitt - Speaker for women economic development in the in good company conference

Elisabeth Prueitt

Latham Thomas - Speaker for the In Good Company parenthood and entrepreneurship conference about ambition success and purpose

Latham Thomas

Jacqui Saldana - Speaker for the In Good Company Conference for women held at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco California

Jacqui Saldana

Lindsay Dahl - Speaker for the in good company women and ambition conference

Lindsay Dahl

Erica Chidi Cohen - Speaker for the IGC San Francisco Conference for women

Erica Chidi Cohen

Angela Tafoya - Speaker for the In Good Company Conference which will offer various opportunities for professional women

Angela Tafoya

Temi Adomolekun representing happy modern mom bosses in the IGC Bay Area Conference pro mothers movement

Temi Adamolekun

Michelle Kennedy - Attending as a speaker the In Good Company 2017 leadership conference in California

Michelle Kennedy

Anna Wallack mom with two toddlers for the In Good Company Conference

Anna Wallack

Hilary Dessouky 2nd time mom will be speaking about mothers in the workplace in the IGC Bay Area conference

Hilary Dessouky

Ingrid Carney - In Good Company Speaker - Giving insight on conflict resolution and how women lead

Ingrid Carney

Amy Henderson - Speaker for the IGC conference for women in business and finance

Amy Henderson

What our 2017 Speakers Said

“In Good Company is redefining motherhood by giving us a voice and a place to come together.”

-Joy Cho, Founder of Oh Joy!

“Oftentimes as mothers and especially mothers of young children we can feel very isolated and we don’t get to have adult conversations and take care of ourselves, or even be able to participate in work and life as normal. Being at this conference helps me imagine a world where this sort of support is normal and a part of everyone’s daily life.”

-Bob Bland, Co-Founder of The Women’s March

“Everyone is so beautiful and so stylish and has such presence and power in the room. I think that’s been the most exciting thing—being in the company of 400 lit women.”

-Amanda Chantal Bacon, Founder of Moon Juice

“Inspiring, incredible, awesome day. Can we do this again next week?!”

-Elisabeth Prueitt, Co-Founder of Tartine

“To be in such amazing company with women from near and far was invigorating.”

Alex Elle, Author and Self-Care Advocate

“It feels like we all speak the same language. If my business is a littler further along than other people’s, I’m happy to share whatever knowledge that I have with them to guide them on their journey.”

-Clare Vivier, Founder of Clare V.

“There is just nothing like it. It’s so core to have an event like this where you’re surrounded by people who get your world. There’s a lot of power in that.”

-Elle Rowley, Founder of Solly Baby